HomePod™ Sleeves
Our American made sleeves bring your HomePod™ to life while supporting important causes around the globe. With each purchase, we donate 10% to a cause with each HomePod™ Sleeve purchase
 HomePod Sleeves - Bring your HomePod to life!


Music Education

Every child deserves access to music education. Did you know the benefits of music education include social-emotional, academic, teamwork and critical thinking skills (not to mention happiness)? By purchasing the Rock N Roll Red HomePod™ Sleeve, you are helping youth in our communities to find empowerment through music.

Clean Water

Join us in supporting the clean water movement! We all need clean water for basic survival, yet 783 million people lack access to clean and safe water worldwide. Purchase your Big Blue HomePod™ Sleeve to make an impact today. 

Women's Rights

Human rights are fundamental, no matter your gender. Yet, 62 million girls worldwide lack access to education and the opportunity to improve their lives and communities. Help fight for gender equality and get your Powerful Pink HomePod™ Sleeve now. 

Environment Conservation

The environment provides essential resources for our survival. Increased recycling and composting efforts have decreased waste production, preventing millions of tons of waste from being discarded every year. Help ensure the protection and conservation of our natural resources by purchasing the Forest Green HomePod™ Sleeve.

Cancer Research

We’ve all been impacted by cancer - whether it’s a family member, friend, or a personal connection. About 1 in 8 deaths worldwide are caused by cancer. Support the efforts to cure all forms of cancer by purchasing your Courageous Yellow HomePod™ Sleeve.

Animal Protection

Animals enrich our lives every day. They deserve to be treated humanely, safely, and with love. More than 115 million animals are killed due to laboratory testing every year. Help change the mistreatment of animals and speak up for our voiceless companions by purchasing the Valiant Gray HomePod™ Sleeve today.
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 HomePod Sleeves - Bring your HomePod to life!